Monday, March 10, 2008

Making Meatballs

About once a year, Shane gets an idea to cook something in MASSIVE years past it has been fried tacos, cooked ham, or bean burritos. I am usually enlisted to help in these projects while casually suggesting we only do, maybe, 10 batches instead of 20. (I also help to minimize the damage to my kitchen - Ha!) Anyway, this time he wanted many meatballs, so here we are! They are very tasty - an ancient Italian recipe from his Great Aunt Rose Gueli.
Oh, this is the fun baby sling that Steph (my sister in law) gave me for Christmas. Her friend Paula creates them in different fabrics/patterns. To get more info, contact her at


Bauerfamilyof5 said...

Do you like the sling?? I had one w/ Owen and could never get it to work right. It's like I couldn't get it tight enough to work.

Anonymous said...

Did not realize that you can leave
comments until Poppa told me the other day. Well you know I had to comment on this adventure as I have a similar arrangement. PC decides once or twice a year for a quantity cook off. I totally relate and loved the part about "minimize kitchen damage". I think we should have a meatball party in honor of Great Aunt Rose Gueli. Who knows might become a tradition. Lake Gammie