Monday, January 17, 2011

winter fun

We finally got a good snowfall so the kids could go sledding down the little path Shane made at our house. They had a great time - and were exhausted that night! I also took Andie and Wyatt to the skating rink for the first time and they loved it. Well, Andie did. By the end, she was zipping all around and having a ball (and making me nervous!) Wyatt needed a little coaxing to go around each time and still needed help with balance, but we stopped and rested and he really surprised me at how he kept at it. The last photo is Andie in the LIGHT homeschool Christmas play. She was a mouse and had a couple of lines. So cute! It was a lot of work, but it was nice to do a play in a smaller setting, because at church there are so many kids that the little ones sort of get lost in the shuffle. My job was to make costumes. Oh, and yes, Dad, those are the ice skates you got for me when I was 12! :)

A few Christmas pics...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Last fall day

Late this fall, there was one of those last "surprise" fall days that was warm enough to get out and enjoy the day. Just perfect. I wanted to take the kids less than a mile away to a state park with tons of trees and leaves to play in, but when we got there the sign said, "closed for hunting". Well, we didn't want any part of trying to take pictures or play in leaves while hunters were blasting their guns, so we went elsewhere. We ended up clear over at Lake Redrock and found a neat hiking trail that overlooked the lake (this could be a field trip, right?). The kids had so much fun running and climbing. There was also an observation tower we climbed (well, most of us...Wyatt made it halfway.) :) It WAS really high. We stopped at the spillway, too. All in all, it ended up to be a beautiful day out.

A princess can have 2 knights, can't she?

Friday, May 7, 2010

gathering eggs

This chicken project is still going, (sort of to my dismay). I mean, they are okay, and it is nice having fresh eggs, but they roam all over the yard - and sometimes into the garage! They are truly free-range. And, wherever they roam they leave their mark if you know what I mean. Eww. And, the kids aren't really thrilled about the chore of gathering the eggs now that the rooster gets cranky when they are around. I guess that happens when roosters reach maturity, they get protective of the hens and get, well, mean. So, that means I get to do the chores most days - yea! But, isn't that basket so cute that Gammie found?

Will you dance with me, Papa?

Andie kept waiting to dance at a family wedding we attended in Centerville. She asked Papa several times when they could dance and he kept reassuring her he would dance with her when it was time. It was very cute (and Dad was such a good sport - especially when no one else was even on the dance floor!) Then, after a song or two and more people joined in, Andie realized she could do it herself and she was off!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Clara and Dude

Andie has been begging me to help her build a snowman, but it has been so bitter cold that the snow just won't stick! Finally we had the perfect opportunity while Sawyer slept and the temps were just right to create..."Clara and Dude". For some reason, when they have been playing lately they choose these names for themselves. I have no idea where they came from, but I'll hear them say, "Okay, Dude. We need to build this castle... Yes, Clara, and mix up some poison for the bad guys..." And on and on as they role play. So, these were hands down the best names for their snowmen, too. The last picture was taken by Shane to prove what a mama's boy Sawyer is. Maybe he's right. :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

blister of 2009

After Shane got home from plowing snow all night (and day and night) Andie says, "Dad! You missed the blister!" :) I think we got 16 inches or something and then blowing blizzard conditions. The kids are loving it - Shane plowed a huge pile right at the curve in our drive and they climb up and slide down, making up games. Sawyer is frustrated that he can't climb up, so I have to lift him up a little ways so he can feel "big" too. He loves to do what the big kids are doing. On the blizzardy day, though, he didn't want to go out. Which is just fine with me, because by the time I get 3 kids dressed in snow pants, coats, boots, mittens, etc, the first one is ready to come back in as I am finally coming out with the littlest one! Ah, well. It is beautiful!

a little Christmas joy...

I love these pictures. They did not turn out how I pictured them in my mind, but still precious!

Don't push that button!

Shane was able to sneak the kids in to watch a FED EX plane being unloaded and then ride on the big loading elevator and the tug cars that pull the loads away. They also got to peek at the cockpit, which they thought was great. They are such goofballs - can you see why it is so hard to get a decent picture? :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween 2009

Wow! I can't believe it's been so long since I updated the blog! I think I got a little off track when I smashed my camera after zooming down the driveway and forgetting I had set it on the hood of the van. (I knew that was a really bad idea right when I did it, too.) And, our home laptop crashed, so now Shane has to bring his home from work when I want to check email until we can get a new one. But, I will try harder for you all that read this!
Life is so fun right now...sometimes challenging with 3 little ones, like while running errands, but still so fun. I am homeschooling Andie this year for Kindergarten and we joined a homeschooling co-op. This is all very new to us, so we'll see. She loves to draw and craft and makes me little pictures that say, "love Mommy" all the time. What could be better? Wyatt, 4, has started 2 day preschool and loves it. He is a bit active, and that has been a source of frustration for me when we are at group events, but we are working on it. And little Sawyer,20 months, has just gone potty in the potty chair for the first time-woohoo! I know it is a bit early for that, but I just decided to put the little chair in the bathroom to see...and I'm ecstatic!

Two cowboys and a 50s gal...that fits together, right? :) Shane took this pic and cut off their little boots and saddle shoes! Ugg! Oh, well, I did actually get the video camera out tonight, too.

apple pick'in

Friday, July 10, 2009

oh, glamorous me... illustrated by my daughter Andie, who just turned 5. According to her, this is me standing by the sink in my robe blowing my nose (complete with a bow in my hair). I guess artists do draw what they see around them. Next time I'll have to ask her to give me some more notice before a portrait. :)

We have been having a terrific and busy summer packed with swim lessons, a few summer dance classes, music camp, I'll try to post some more pictures soon!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chicken Coop Helpers

Building the chicken coop

The important job: Hold this corner.
Papa helping him grip it the best way.

Chicken Coop Helpers

Sissy's project...hammering!

Sawyer watching sissy for a second - no hammer for baby!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

At Last!

I know you've all been waiting for the outcome of our chick project... I apologize for the delay! So, here they are - we hatched 27 out of 29 eggs! (We were only planning on about 8...hmmm.) I think we are going to give a few away and keep the rest. They are very cozy under a heat lamp in the basement for now, but only for another week or so. Then Shane will have to figure out the coop situation. I feel the need to replace their bedding and water every day because they poo all over and get wood chips in their water. I even propped the water up on a cake pan, but they still manage to get wood chips all over. I think I may be overdoing it with the sanitary conditions, but--eww! The water looks yellow due to a vitamin supplement added to it. Oh, boy-new territory for this city girl!