Thursday, December 10, 2009

blister of 2009

After Shane got home from plowing snow all night (and day and night) Andie says, "Dad! You missed the blister!" :) I think we got 16 inches or something and then blowing blizzard conditions. The kids are loving it - Shane plowed a huge pile right at the curve in our drive and they climb up and slide down, making up games. Sawyer is frustrated that he can't climb up, so I have to lift him up a little ways so he can feel "big" too. He loves to do what the big kids are doing. On the blizzardy day, though, he didn't want to go out. Which is just fine with me, because by the time I get 3 kids dressed in snow pants, coats, boots, mittens, etc, the first one is ready to come back in as I am finally coming out with the littlest one! Ah, well. It is beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

Andie, Wyatt and Sawyer

What a snow crew-- Love it!

Poppa and Lake Grammie