Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween 2009

Wow! I can't believe it's been so long since I updated the blog! I think I got a little off track when I smashed my camera after zooming down the driveway and forgetting I had set it on the hood of the van. (I knew that was a really bad idea right when I did it, too.) And, our home laptop crashed, so now Shane has to bring his home from work when I want to check email until we can get a new one. But, I will try harder for you all that read this!
Life is so fun right now...sometimes challenging with 3 little ones, like while running errands, but still so fun. I am homeschooling Andie this year for Kindergarten and we joined a homeschooling co-op. This is all very new to us, so we'll see. She loves to draw and craft and makes me little pictures that say, "love Mommy" all the time. What could be better? Wyatt, 4, has started 2 day preschool and loves it. He is a bit active, and that has been a source of frustration for me when we are at group events, but we are working on it. And little Sawyer,20 months, has just gone potty in the potty chair for the first time-woohoo! I know it is a bit early for that, but I just decided to put the little chair in the bathroom to see...and I'm ecstatic!

Two cowboys and a 50s gal...that fits together, right? :) Shane took this pic and cut off their little boots and saddle shoes! Ugg! Oh, well, I did actually get the video camera out tonight, too.


Bauerfamilyof5 said...

YES! More posts, please. I've missed you :). Homeschooling, eh? I'd love to hear more detail. Are you going to continue past kindergarten? What made you decide to do that? I think Wyatt and Sawyer are starting to look SO much alike. Absolutely adorable.

steve, steph, emma and bree said...

that picture of sawyer is priceless... looks like he's gnawing on some straw the the real cowboys do!! did you see the pics of emma wearing andie's clown costume?

Anonymous said...

I am crazy for the picture of Mom at the sink. Andie captured the "essence".
Wyatt is really growing up. He looks like a school boy. Sawyer is
just a pip! The are so easy to love.