Wednesday, June 10, 2009

At Last!

I know you've all been waiting for the outcome of our chick project... I apologize for the delay! So, here they are - we hatched 27 out of 29 eggs! (We were only planning on about 8...hmmm.) I think we are going to give a few away and keep the rest. They are very cozy under a heat lamp in the basement for now, but only for another week or so. Then Shane will have to figure out the coop situation. I feel the need to replace their bedding and water every day because they poo all over and get wood chips in their water. I even propped the water up on a cake pan, but they still manage to get wood chips all over. I think I may be overdoing it with the sanitary conditions, but--eww! The water looks yellow due to a vitamin supplement added to it. Oh, boy-new territory for this city girl!

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