Friday, December 17, 2010

Last fall day

Late this fall, there was one of those last "surprise" fall days that was warm enough to get out and enjoy the day. Just perfect. I wanted to take the kids less than a mile away to a state park with tons of trees and leaves to play in, but when we got there the sign said, "closed for hunting". Well, we didn't want any part of trying to take pictures or play in leaves while hunters were blasting their guns, so we went elsewhere. We ended up clear over at Lake Redrock and found a neat hiking trail that overlooked the lake (this could be a field trip, right?). The kids had so much fun running and climbing. There was also an observation tower we climbed (well, most of us...Wyatt made it halfway.) :) It WAS really high. We stopped at the spillway, too. All in all, it ended up to be a beautiful day out.

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