Saturday, May 10, 2008

catch of the day

We went out to eat and to get ice cream with the kiddos one night and it was so nice we thought we would go to a park in Indianola since we haven't checked any out yet. The first one we saw had a ton of people there, so we followed signs to a different one only to see that it was all taken apart except for a merry go round! So, with ice cream melting we hurried home and decided to sit by our little pond, eat ice cream and throw a line in. Hey, Uncle Jim makes it look so easy... :)
Well we did catch a 10" bluegill that was hooked pretty well, (with Andie taking 20 min to reel it in...haha!) So, we decided to clean this one and add it to a mess of crappie that Jim had given us. Andie and Wyatt were so funny, they kept touching the fish and saying it was cute, but when it came time to clean it - you can see that Andie lost her excitement. Even still, Andie said,"This was a fun night!" - I guess better than the park any day.
Oh, and Wy Wy has had his "mop" trimmed since then!!

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