Friday, September 19, 2008

happy ending

Making chocolate pie

If you haven't heard our story, we had a real life nightmare occur last weekend. Andie fell out of a window... on the second story. It was absolutely horrible. I can't even describe. Miraculously, she is OK. No broken bones or internal ruptures. She is still a slight bit sore when she does somersaults or other such fancy moves, but other than that is basically back to her goofy self. Just a bit more cautious, maybe. I am finally sleeping at night without replaying the whole horrible moment over and over and over again in my mind (seeing a pink flash by the lower window, running out into the rain, scooping her up...) and can finally talk about it without sobbing! Shane and I are still in a kind of somber shock with the weight of what could have happened, but feel so incredibly blessed that she is OK and it turned out to have a happy ending. Praise God!!!

Mucho thank you's to Aunt Teppie and Aunt Chele for sending the most fun surprise care packages!! Homemade cookies - and her very own rolling pin that was put to use the next day! And, gigantic suckers made Andie and Wyatt's faces light up...(see videos :) - I especially like the serious kazoo performance by Wy-Wy. What a hoot!) It really was so nice and thoughtful and brought out huge smiles, which we needed! Thank you!!

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