Thursday, February 19, 2009

who's bibs are these anyway?

Did anyone recognize them? I was helping Sandi clean out a trunk (after the sewer incident, you know) and these little pants surfaced. She said they were actually Uncle Greg's and that Shane also wore them. So, they have a little life left in them for Sawyer and maybe a little Grieme boy??
This is Andie pushing Sawyer in his little cart. He LOVES it! (And I do, too, because it buys me some time!) Sometimes he crawls in and just sits there yelling out - hoping someone will push him around. He is usually pretty happy to play for a while by himself, but he does like his mama! If he is at all crabby or if he can't keep up with the older two, then he wants to be held. I still can't believe he is 1! He is starting to imitate words! He holds the phone up to his head and says, " 'lo?" He will NOT sit in a high chair for more than 5 minutes, and sometimes I swear he says, "done?"
My Grandma and I. What an amazing woman! She is 92...and still living on her own. She just recovered from a broken hip and surgery and has the most spunky attitude though it all.


Anonymous said...

Your Grandma IS amazing! She is doing so great.

Those red overall jeans might have been Skips or they were Greg's and handed down to Skip--then Shane and now Sawyer. How fun to keep them going! :-).

Mom G

~Em's Blog~ said...

AWWWW!! So cute! I love to see those kids. I think you should bring Sawyer up again for quilt camp. That little boy is the most precious thing. Oh and I can't wait to see my favorite little girl Andie Kate!! The daddy daughter date thing is very cute! when i was little tho I don't think I would've gone on a date with my daddy... I also didn't know that steph is having a boy! Nobody fills me in on these things!! I'll have to show my dad the pics of Sawyer in his old overalls! that is the cutest thing! I love you all! XOXOX
Cousin Emily