Monday, April 20, 2009

Project Chicks

Okay, so Shane brings home this egg incubator thingy and all these eggs and says we are going to hatch our very own chickens!! We had talked about this, but since we have no chicken coop and know absolutely nothing about chickens I thought the actual project would be quite a ways down the road. Oh, boy. The eggs have to be turned 3 times a day and kept at a cozy 99.5 degrees and a decent humidity. After Wyatt dropped one while putting them into their little "egg house" (as we call the incubator) we decided to use the automatic egg turner option. Just plug it in and it gently turns the eggs around the clock. Shane and the kids made a long paper chain to pull off a link each day until hatch time. After several temperature mishaps, (they got a bit too hot - not sure how this happened) it is now about day 25 and still no hatching. (A few friends have suggested we make a trip to the feed store and just buy a few chicks to stick in there...) The picture is Wyatt playing little songs for the eggs on his recorder (HA!) and Andie likes to make them little crafts. It is cute!


steve, steph and emma said...

have any hatched yet?!?

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the follow up. How about those little chickies????