Saturday, August 9, 2008

Crafty Cousins Retreat!!

Andie, Sawyer and I went to a craft retreat in St. Cloud, Minnesota for a few days with my mother-in-law and several of Shane's aunts and cousins. It's ladies only, so Wyatt stayed home for some special time with daddy and Papa. (And Sawyers ticket in is he's still breastfeeding.) It was SO fun!! We worked, laughed a lot, ate lots of nibblies and got little sleep. I felt so special because half of the group was working on gifts for my kids - quilts, little pillows (like yours, Meg) and pajamas for Andie... it was great. Of course, they had to tease me that at the rate I have babies, they have been pretty busy :). Really, I love them to pieces and am so blessed to be a part of this family. They are so wonderful and have truly made me feel like one of their own.This is Aunt Julie. We stayed at their house the first night in Cambridge, MN, and Andie is STILL talking about cousin Daniel!! He is the best kid - gave Andie toys to play with, took her to the park and even tucked her in that night! WE LOVE YOU, DAN!! (When are you guys moving in next door?) :) This pic is Aunt Julie giving Sawyer a sewing lesson with the beautiful quilt she made just for him! Man, can these ladies sew!
Aunt Betty (Great Great Aunt Betty to the kids) is one of the sweetest ladies you could ever meet. She brought her scrapbook album to work on and she does recall the show I Love Lucy (Emily, you're cute).
This is cousin Emily and cousin Andrea. Now let me just say these girls are the most WONDERFUL young people!!! They are so nice and played with Andie, held Sawyer and offered help left and right. I LOVE THEM! Thank you, sweethearts!
Aunt Sandi Sue (who is really a cousin, but we call her aunt) with Sandi and her rotary cutter. We met Sandi Sue in Ames on the way up to caravan and because our car was packed to the gills. She is so fun! These two together = trouble! Ha!
Cousin Barb with her scrapbooking supplies. (Yea - another scrapbooker!) She actually got 15 pages done...but how is she the lucky one who lives right there in St. Cloud?


Bauerfamilyof5 said...

AWWW...looks like SO much fun :). Wish I could have been there. I could really use another scrapbooking retreat :)

~Em's Blog~ said...

awwwww!! thanks ann!! andrea and I had fun helping you!! I never get to see the kids so it was so much fun for me to play with andie and just hold sawyer!! they are sweet kids!! I don't want them to grow up! but I guess they have to someday!

Love you all!!