Friday, August 29, 2008

meet the teacher night

Andie's first little meet the teacher night for preschool - do you think the sassy red boots gave the teacher any worries about this girl? :)
Shane has been building a new front porch for our house (since it didn't have one) and the kids have a new interest in their play tools. I found them measuring and fixing their trampoline. too cute.
And now the infamous "letting go" of things...


Bauerfamilyof5 said...

Well, she will certainly not forget Andie in those red boots :)

~Em's Blog~ said...

Oh my gosh!! Sawyer is growing up too fast!! I can't believe that he's standing by himself! Thats insane! Andie looks so cute in her red boots. I hope she has a good time at preschool! Its too bad about Shane's finger too! Thats why we don't let my dad have powertools because he did the same thing only with his arm!

Good luck with everything!!


Adam Fam said...

LOVE the safety goggles! So cute:)