Wednesday, October 8, 2008

marble jars full!

We've been doing this marble jar thing with the kids for a month or so - if we catch them doing good (sharing, getting a drink or spoon for each other, helping with the baby, using their manners, etc...) then they get a marble in their jar. They can't ask for a marble, they just have to be caught doing positive things. When the jars are full, they get a special treat. The first time around, they got gumballs and were THRILLED, because I just don't usually buy gum. But, this time the jars were full Shane had this crazy idea - he has been wanting to take them to the toy store. I was thinking, "you're crazy!" But, we took them and they had a great time. We heard a lot of "Wow!" and huge gasps as they kept seeing neat toys aisle after aisle. Andie actually put her hands over her mouth and her jaw dropped when she saw the Disney princess section. Anyway, they ended up with these two wheel scooters. Big hit. But, I told them that was a special treat, that we won't be able to do that every time the jars are full!


Bauerfamilyof5 said...

Wow! What a fun mommy and daddy you both are! My kids LOVE their scooters. They ride them (over their bikes) almost exclusively. And, they're really kind of fun. You should try it!

~Em's Blog~ said...

Oh my gosh!! could they get any cuter?? That was a great idea! My mom and dad did something like that with me when I was little but they never followed through on the giving-me-a-treat-part. But I don't really think I cared...I was just happy to get a "Good Job"!! haha!! Well I love all of you!! Can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving!! =)