Friday, October 31, 2008

trick or treat!

Andie and Wyatt had a terrific time on beggar's night this year! They were so excited and SO in their element with these costumes it wasn't even funny. Andie was a princess and did little ballet moves for her trick. Gammie Guely made her beautiful little dress and she loved it so much I could hardly get her to take it off. I can't count how many times she told me she loved her dress and her crown. And, Wyatt wore a vintage costume that Shane wore when he was little! (Sandi made it, too). Shane was a little older when he wore it, so it is a little big, but Wyatt just loved it. He ran around "flying" and punching the air and then would put his fists on his hips and say, "Sup-er-man! To save the day!"

The tough Superman stance and look. HA!
And little Sawyer was along for the ride - he wore the infamous bee costume that we got at a garage sale. Andie wore it, Wyatt wore it, and now the littlest bee. :) He isn't fully dressed here, I didn't have his black sweats on. But the weather was so nice on trick or treat night for a change, it was almost too hot for the sweatpants!


steve, steph and emma said...

whoa!!! who let mom around the rhinestones?!? "sandi: the original 'bedazzler'!"

the kids look so precious!! i love wyatt's pose!

Anonymous said...

A Princess should sparkle. Especially this Princess----it totally reflects her personality. So rhinestones it is!

And I agree...Wyatt's pose is priceless. He really loved being Superman. And he also is a "Super little Man"

I wouldn't say I am prejudice at all, but I do have 4 of the cutest and sweetest Grandchildren!!!! Check out Stephanie's blog also. It is just as fun!!!!

Love, Hugs and kissaroos!

Emily said...

You've got some adorable ones yourself!! I can't believe how big they're all getting, I remember when Andi was born!!